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Thanks for checking out MIDTOWN.  We are proud of our store and the way it serves our community.  We have created sustainable jobs.  In the recession we have not been forced to cut any employees because our low prices have allowed us to increase our market share.  We operate on EWEB green power and recycle everything we can.  We provide incentive to bring your own bag.  We also provide employees incentives to ride or walk to work, quit smoking, as well as not do drugs.  We are successful because we treat people like people.  So many big box stores these days.  We are proud to promote positive energy and charge our clientele with good vibes every time they stop in.  Come experience a store too cool for Vegas or NY, we break down prices and build a base of friends through a group of happy employees.  Employees are valued at Midtown, above and beyond anything else by far.
Thanks for listening.  Midtown is different.  Please check us out if you smoke.  We sign no big-tobacco contracts!


Midtown Direct won the Eugene Weekly's 2012 Best Glassware Award. We carry the best selection local made and nationally renowned products. We exclusively carry Illadelph, Mobius, Hi Si, Sheldon Black, Omni and Dirty Reco. Also in store we carry Hamm, HBG, Ed Woolfe's got Glass, Realization, Empire, Trident, Graffix, Left Coast, Valcano, Vapor Bros., Magic Flight, Hotbox among others.

Also in store we carry a vast selection of smoking essentials and accessories. In store we stock a wide variety of paper, wraps, lighters such as Vector, the full line of Formula 420 cleaning products and a vast selection of tools/gagets for any need. For our hooka connoisseur we stock a excellant variety of Shisha, Hooka's and hooka accessories.


Established in 2003

Midtown started as a way for locals to find fair prices on smoking products and accessories.  Ten years later we stand as an innovator in Eugene business culture.  Midtown is a retail phenomena in downtown Eugene.  Just drive by and see how busy we are.  There is good reason for that! Employees make Midtown the shopping experience that it is.